GreenSun Products, LLC

About Us

GreenSun Products, LLC develops, produces, and delivers healthy, sustainable ingredients for pet animal nutrition.  Founded in 2013 as the first commercial duckweed production operation in the US, GreenSun’s vision is to become one of the world’s leading producers of duckweed-based animal nutrition.

Our primary ingredients are sourced from duckweed, a protein-rich aquatic plant grown and harvested in controlled fresh water bodies in the United States. Every step of the production process is controlled by our fresh water operations team- from our company owned harvesting fleets, to manufacturing facilities, to packaging. GreenSun ensures product integrity,  consistent quality and cradle to cradle practices throughout our company. 

GreenSun offers food and supplement ingredients to help our pets lead healthier, more sustainable lives. At GreenSun, we strive to be a respected leader in every market we serve by providing customers with premium  products.


Nutritional ingredients, Nutraceuticals

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