GreenSun Products, LLC

Duckweed-based treats, supplements, and foods for the loves of your life. 

Nature has been successfully nurturing our pets long before they were pets in the wild for millenia with aquatic plant species such as nutritional-packed duckweed. Now you can too!

We are please to announce...

The introduction of duckweed to the pet industry. Duckweed is a sustainable, high protein alternative to soy, wheat, corn, fish meal and rice-based pet foods. Until recently, duckweed, the smallest plant on earth has been primarily used in rural parts of the world as fresh feed for farm animals. For the past forty years, duckweed has been extensively researched for its unique and beneficial qualitities. Now it is becoming available in sustainably processed, exciting pet food offerings by GreenSun Products, LLC of Western Kentucky.

Our aquatic farms are currently in full production of high quality duckweed species chosen for their excellent nutritional value and flavor.  Be on the look-out for the first offerings of our pet food product line in stores and online by early summer 2014.

Visit our blog at to learn more about what duckweed offers nutritionally for our four legged, feathered, and finned friends.

Big or small, duckweed feeds them all!
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